Bateau Bay Veterinary Hospital

Waiting RoomThis is a companion animal practice at the eastern end of Wyong Road, in Killarney Vale.

We are near the borders of Killarney Vale, Bateau Bay, Shelly Beach and Long Jetty.

Nearby areas of The Entrance and Tumbi Umbi are also serviced.

See the Google Map on Contact Us page.


We have one vet, Dr. Hugh Bain BVSc, and two nurses Leah and Mel.

Consulting Hours

Monday to Friday
8am - 11am then 3:30pm - 6pm

8am - 12pm

Doors Locked at 12pm Saturday


We deal with the whole range of dog and cat health problems.

Most of our activity is surgery, both soft tissue and orthopaedic. A large part of this is routine procedures with keyhole surgery for dogs and cats for de-sexing. This helps to reduce wound breakdown potential and post-surgical pain, with internal skin sutures for dogs reducing skin closure failure from over-grooming and removing the need to return for suture removal.

For our internal medicine work we also have useful devices like Doppler ultrasound, and an endoscope for examining the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum (first part of small bowel), trachea and far less commonly than in humans, the colon.

We also have a laparoscope for examination and biopsy in the abdomen in certain circumstances. We have recently upgraded our X-ray facilities with digital radiology to make imaging more efficient with some improvements in capability.